Get Noticed At The Shelf

Tout Audio is introducing a new approach to shopper marketing that uses our state-of-the-art AI and a revolutionary new retail speaker to deliver targeted audio messages right at the shelf

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We connect brands to their customers

Whether it's at the shelf, on a floating display, or anywhere else your customers interact with your products, we can help you deliver your most persuasive pitch at the moment of purchase

Engage your Customers At The Shelf

Audio can engage people's emotions in a way visual media simply can't. With Tout's targeted audio product, you can truly connect with your customers and convey complex value propositions right in the aisle.

Track Campaign Performance

It used to be hard to understand the impact of shopper marketing interventions. Now, Tout's Analytics features make it easy to track the performance of your shopper marketing campaigns in real-time.

Make Your In-store Marketing Agile

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for agile solutions for in-store marketers. Tout's targeted, programmatic audio platform allows you to change your messaging campaigns in just minutes, all from your browser. Now that's agile.


You take care of the creative. We'll take care of the technology.

  • Leverage your brand equity: Whether developed through radio spots, television commercials, or podcast ads, you've built up brand equity through audio. Now you can leverage that brand equity right at the point of purchase.
  • Go deep: Visual in-store advertisements are often limited to just a few words. With shopper tastes and product value propositions becoming more complex, you need more than just seven words. With audio, you can go in-depth and tell your brand stories the way they were meant to be told.
  • Get targeted: Tout's on-device AI can target messages to shoppers based on proximity to products or the time of day. We can even target messages based on the shopper's gender and age. This means you can make sure the shopper receives the right message at the right place at the right time.

Tout's targeted audio advertising platform takes the digital tools that make online advertising so effective and brings them to the shelf where they are the most impactful

Rich, engaging audio is a proven way to activate shoppers at the shelf and lift sales. With Tout as your technology partner, we can work together with you to place highly target audio advertisements for your products right at the point of purchase.

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Experience Tout's Revolutionary New Augmented Audio System

Tout's cutting-edge technology brings the tools of online digital advertising to your shopper marketing campaigns in brick-and-mortar spaces. If you are interested in trying out our platform in a pilot project, please contact us.