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Tout is introducing a revolutionary new tool for shopper marketing. Our advanced augmented audio platform delivers targeted, programmatic audio messaging right at the shelf.

Targeted Audio At The Shelf

Audio can be engaging and persuasive in a way visual media can't. With Tout's targeted audio product, you can offer your clients a new way to activate shoppers at the shelf.

Robust Campaign Analytics

Tout's AI makes it easy to track your shopper marketing campaigns. Now you can show your clients when, where, and how your campaigns impacted shoppers.

A Turn-key Product For Your Clients

Tout offers a full platform-as-a-service with a full suite of tools to onboard your clients, create and manage audio ad campaigns, and even handle invoicing and billing.


You take care of your clients. We'll take care of the technology.

  • An end-to-end solution: Tout's platform takes care of everything including campaign management, analytics, device management, and billing. By using Tout, you can focus on what matters: delivering impactful content for your clients.
  • Start an auction: We set out to make in-store shopper marketing just like online digital advertising. And, with our auction feature, you can allow your clients to bid on ad placements.
  • Expand your empire: By installing a Tout speaker in the aisles of your partner stores, you can control the distribution of in-store audio advertisements in that location for years. That's the kind of forward-looking investment that is legend-making.
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Tout's end-to-end advertising platform is the perfect turn-key solution for agencies to unlock a new category of programmatic audio advertisement delivery in stores.

Rich, engaging audio is a proven way to activate shoppers at the shelf and lift sales. With Tout as your technology partner, we can work together with you to place highly target audio advertisements for your clients in product categories all over your partners' stores.

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Tout's cutting-edge technology brings the tools of online digital advertising to your shopper marketing campaigns in brick-and-mortar spaces. We would love to partner with you to meet the needs of your clients and help to grow your businesses. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out.