The technology to deliver targeted audio messages in stores didn't exist.

So we invented it.


Introducing Tout Audio

Tout Audio is a new AI-enabled shopper marketing solution that brings targeted, programmatic audio messaging to brick-and-mortar retail stores

Connect with shoppers.

Voice is the most powerful and persuasive medium for connecting with shoppers. Now, for the first time, Tout Audio gives brands the ability to engage shoppers right at the shelf with rich, targeted audio messages.

Digital - Programmatic - Agile.

Brands require agile marketing solutions that enable them to adapt rapidly to consumer demands and change their messaging in minutes, not months. Tout provides the dynamic tools to publish marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

Right person. Right message. Right time.

Tout's on-device AI brings the power of online digital marketing into physical stores. Tout delivers targeted engagement based on shopper demographics and contextual cues like proximity to products or the time of day.

We started by creating a revolutionary new smart speaker, one designed specifically for use in retail stores

Directional Audio

Tout's top-of-the-line parametric speaker features a narrow, private beam of sound that won't disrupt the store environment

Steerable Soundbeam

Tout is debuting an astounding smart steerable sound beam that automatically steers itself to shoppers in front of the speaker

Compact Form Factor

All this technology is packed into a small form factor so that it can be mounted on shelves easily and unobtrusively


On-device AI

Our on-device computer vision can spot shoppers, trigger targeted playback, and analyze shopper behavior in real time

Wireless Connectivity

Say goodbye to tangled cables and media controllers. Our wireless IoT speakers pull content from the cloud over WiFi

Remote Management

Securely access and monitor Tout devices via our Tout Cloud web application and mobile app

Then, we connected our speakers to Tout Cloud, our scalable & secure IoT infrastructure


Online Device Management

Access and monitor the health and status of your speakers right from your browser through our Tout Cloud web-app.

And built a full-featured platform of tools to allow brands and agencies to easily create, manage, and analyze audio advertising campaigns


Publish Campaigns

We built a full suite of tools to help our users and their clients produce and publish audio ad campaigns. Audio campaign management is easy with the Tout Cloud App. Just specify your target audience and Tout Cloud will route the message to the right speaker and the right shopper.


Track Campaign Performance

We've made it easy to monitor the performance of your campaigns. You can view how often your messages are being played, track progress against your campaign's budget, and even compare the performance to other campaigns in your product category.


Analyze Shopper Behavior

Tout can give brands and retailers valuable insights about their customers. Our on-device computer vision can analyze how many shoppers approach products and how much time they spend in the aisle.

The result is something truly amazing: a new paradigm for smart, agile, digital in-store shopper marketing

We want to work with you

Tout has solutions for brands, retailers, and agencies


Tout offers a Platform-as-a-Service so that agencies can operate their own private in-store targeted audio networks.


Find out how you can leverage Tout's targeted audio technology to engage your customers at the shelf


Learn how Tout's augmented audio can expand your business and enhance the shopper experience

Still not convinced?

We have crafted an astonishing new technology and we can't wait to show it to you. Whether you're a retailer, a brand, or an advertising agency, we can work together to meet the needs of your business. Contact us to find out more!