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Tout Audio's augmented audio platform brings targeted, programmatic audio messaging into brick-and-mortar retail stores

Targeted Store Announcements

Our speakers provide the perfect way to educate your customers about your products, events, or private label products with messages that change programmatically throughout the day

Highly accurate shopper analytics

Our on-device computer vision can gather fully-anonymized, highly accurate data like shopper count and shopper dwell time at the shelf. Tout helps you to understand how customer behavior impacts sales.

Sell ads for your suppliers

With Tout as your technology partner, you can sell advertisements in your stores to your suppliers using our full-featured, end-to-end online ad campaign management platform


We understand the challenges of bringing audio into retail spaces, so we painstakingly designed our speakers to meet the needs of the retail store environment

  • Audio without all the noise: Our premium parametric speakers project sound in narrow beams and our on-device AI only triggers audio when a shopper is detected.
  • Easy installation: Our small, light speakers can be mounted upright, right on the shelf. Our smart speakers bend their sound beams toward shoppers, eliminating the need for custom installations.
  • Ultra-low profile: We kept the device footprint small so that your shelf space can be reserved for your products.
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Tout's end-to-end advertising platform is the perfect turn-key solution for retailers to unlock a new category of programmatic audio advertisement delivery in stores.

Rich, engaging audio is a proven way to activate shoppers at the shelf and lift sales. With Tout as your technology partner, we can work together with you to place highly target audio advertisements for brands in product categories all over your stores. You get to lift sales while generating advertisement and promotional fees. That's a win-win.

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